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Eugene Levine of SUN UK LTD has been dealing in used printing, packaging and ancillary equipment since 1972.

He is one of the most senior authorities on the market of buying and selling used Printing, Packaging and finishing machines in the UK. His business extends across the world, dealing in America’s, China, Europe, Russia, Africa, India and the UAE.

In 2007, not satisfied with his knowledge in the Printing industry he embarked on re-training in the field of digital wide format printing, and has now an extensive knowledge of both traditional and LED cured UV inks. He has furthered that knowledge in the area of glass printing and is in the perfect position to offer his advice when it come to making your choice as to how to print onto glass, UV or ceramic inks.

We currently offer two very different innovative digital printing machines:
The Michelangelo airbrush and airless printer for printing onto the side of architecture, vehicles and pretty much anything your imagination can consider, direct link to Baumgartner Trading website, for pdf downloads, videos and more.
Please do call us direct if you wish to discuss any questions you might have.

The SUN Group range of wide format digital utilizing LED UV curing.

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Sun UK Ltd – Agents for Sun Innovations within the UK and Ireland

Sun NSK – market leaders in universal wide format printers based on unique UV-LED technology for direct printing on almost all kinds of substrates: plastic, wood, glass, metal, tile, banner and even on non-thermostable materials (paper, thin films, foam plastic).

Suppliers of SUNflower inks and chemicals, Ecosovent, Solvent, choose from “Silver, Gold or Platinum Series solvent inks, we offer white solvent ink” and our market leading LED UV Inks, which also cure using tradition UV curing systems. Flush solutions, and primers. Please ask if you would like to swop to our inks.

The 2.5m Hybrid Roll to roll or flatbed Evolution and the 1.6m Compact Hybrid, choice of Print heads utilising Konica Minolta 512 heads, with a fixed drop of 14pl or 4-42pl variable heads. We are proud to announce our New Flat bed LED UV Evolution Printer is now available to order.

Print Solutions for: Glass Printing, and mirror decoration, Furniture decoration, wood flooring, Kitchen units and External and Internal doors. Outdoor banners, flags, Fine art reproduction. Unique raised print effects for architectural decoration. Our ink will adhere to an almost limitless type of surface, including plastic, wood, glass, metal, tile, banner and even on non-thermostable materials (paper, thin films, foam plastic). Finally it is possible to print onto media 20cm in thickness with special orders available on the 1.6m compact to print on even thicker materials.

We pride ourselves in offering a unique curing solution with our LED UV printers, most importantly our system is the green eco friendly choice, with no Ozone production, a 20 year lamp life, and no toxic emissions, with superb curing with our Sunflower inks.
UV LED unit

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